Helping Women Rise & Thrive Beyond Divorce

Because there is so much life left to live!

Divorce is hard.

You dreamed of growing old together and now it’s over. It can leave you filled with heartache, anger, guilt and fear. How do you move forward? First, you must decide that you are ready to do the work to create your new life.

What if you could discover who you truly are now and step fully into your authentic self, feeling both seen and heard? What if you can move from the pain and suffering into acceptance, forgiveness and understanding? What if you can design your life with passion, purpose and fun? What do YOU really want that you thought you could never have or do? Midlife is not too late and your divorce is just the beginning of you and your life, your way.

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K. Pickering

Certified Healthy Gut Advisor

I think few things give Kathleen more pleasure than seeing her clients flourish and move toward their dreams with self-confidence and purpose. Kathleen is very straight forward in her approach in moving you toward deep self-examination while holding space for you to love and accept who you are and who you can become. She helps you to recognize what you need and want from the very basics to the big picture.


P. Tuosto

Kathleen encourages you to look within and find the best in yourself and her teachings are always positive and insightful while reminding you that it is your practice and your journey. I found her teachings helped me find deep inner peace and solace.


About Me & Yogilosophy

I was married, Mom of twin boys and when the rug was pulled out from under me with an unexpected divorce, I had to decide – stay in the darkness or work my way through it. I had been teaching Adaptive and Restorative Yoga since 2006 and discovered the elements of the practice were helping women overcome obstacles, loss and fear. I decided to use what I knew and taught others as my own path to freedom and designing a life I could be proud of.


This is your journey and Yogilosophy is adapted to you, your needs and goals. Let’s talk and see if this is the right path for you