My Story

I have been a Teacher of Yoga since 2006 and have found much healing and joy, both personally and professionally, in the Adaptive and Restorative practices.  

Stress and Lifestyle Management Coaching was added in 2011 and I found it to be a beautiful and natural compliment to Yoga both on and off the mat.


I am a Mom of twin Sons, about to turn 27.  They are my greatest gifts, joy and supporters.  It is an honor to be their Mom.


I am a lover of Yoga, walking, biking, horses, music, trees, crystals, energy work, critters of all kinds (except alligators!!) and so much more!      


I reside in Aiken, SC (After swearing all my life that I would never live in the South and now you couldn't drag me away).  It was another adventure and I absolutely plan more.  


I am a believer in walking our own path and taking in the lessons that come along the way. 


 Breathe, Laugh. Love. Live.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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